Our Service Offering

Public Policy Consulting

We work on solving social and economic challenges that would unlock opportunities and improve the lives of Saudi citizens. We pay attention to qualitative data collected from the policy beneficiaries themselves, to ensure that our recommendations create real impact. We design social interventions with a clear theory of change. For each challenge, we refresh our thinking and develop a tailored approach. Our professional integrity drives us to define the risks and limitations of our work. We do not work for our clients to produce deliverables, we work with our clients to solve the most pressing societal challenges.

Services Include: Policy Research, Policy Analysis And Design, Public Sector Strategy, Public Sector Strategy Execution

Corporate and Sustainability Reporting

Driven by our passion to create impact, we support our clients in reporting not only the outcome of their work but mainly the impact. We constantly encourage our clients to improve their sustainability and impact reporting by highlighting the local economic impact they create and their contribution to ESG. We work on reducing information asymmetry between our clients and their investors. We create the space for our clients to effectively report their performance to their current and future investors and stakeholders, yet in alignment with regulatory requirements.We enable our clients’ investors and stakeholders to make conscious, well-informed decisions.

Services Include: Sustainability and ESG Strategy Development, Sustainability and ESG Reporting, Impact Assessment, Corporate Board Reporting