About Us

Awtada is a Saudi consultancy firm based in Jeddah, the premier port city on the Red Sea. We help clients to take decisions supported by high-quality data and through institutionalising evidence-based practices.

The word Awtada is an Arabic plural noun for “Watad”, a word used to describe the deep roots thought to extend beneath mountains. Like those mythic roots, we provide a firm foundation allowing our partners to reach great heights.

We provide corporate and sovereign clients with insights and tools to navigate the intersection of society, markets, and policy in Saudi Arabia. We take a multi-faceted view of local economic development that allows us to engage with both public and private stakeholders.

Awtada is run by a passionate and meticulous team that works both proactively and responsively. Beyond responding to client requests, we also bring ideas and innovations that enhance projects still further. That creativity and dedication translate into quality and impact for our clients that our competitors can’t match.

Our Mission

To help our clients make significant improvements in their performance, and to build a dynamic firm that attracts the most passionate talent.

Our Vision

To help create positive, enduring change in Saudi Arabia.

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