About us

The word Awtada is an Arabic plural noun for “Watad”, a word used to describe the deep roots thought to extend beneath mountains. Like those mythic roots, we provide a firm foundation allowing our partners to reach great heights.

We partner with government entities, corporations, and local funds across big themes including Socioeconomic Development, Sustainability, and Public Policy Institutionalization to influence decisions and enable progress. We provide our partners with insights and tools to navigate the intersection of society, markets, and policy in Saudi Arabia.

We craft bespoke partnerships using a portfolio of capabilities including

Policy Research, Systems Thinking , Intervention and Program Design, Strategy Development, Investor Reporting

Policy Research

Systems Thinking

Intervention and Program Design

Strategy Development

Investor Reporting

Our Principles

Create impact, not reports

We believe that our work should create impact—not just reports. We challenge conventional consulting by designing solutions that help clients create positive change. We continue to work with purposeful clients who are open to creative and innovative solutions.

Adhere to the highest professional standards

We work hard to ensure we maintain an independent perspective, providing clients with an honest assessment of the facts. At all times, we act to protect client confidentiality, believing trust to be the most important factor in a successful partnership.

Expand the art of the possible

Our goal is not simply to apply best practice, but to create it in a bespoke manner – tailored to each client’s needs. Our team is always innovating to help our clients remain at the cutting edge in their field.

Respect for the individual

We believe in bringing to bear all the individual talents of both our team and our partners through an abiding respect for the unique contribution each person can make. We help facilitate this through a relaxed and open working culture which focuses on results.

What we do

Public Policy Consulting

We work on solving social and economic challenges that would unlock opportunities and improve the lives of Saudi citizens.

Corporate and Sustainability Reporting

Driven by our passion to create impact, we support our clients in reporting not only the outcome of their work but mainly the impact.

Our Clients

Our Team